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I'm excited to read the testimonials about the classes! Because that is exactly what motivates me to share with love what I have learned, both with my dear and admired singing and yoga teachers, and in my life. My biggest reward when I teach is knowing that what I convey helps people feel better about their voice, body, and even in their lives! It´s not magic, its a self learning process. Would you like to start?

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Aoibheann Hopkins (Blogging her new life)

“Caro is brilliant”

I sang as a child but have been too scared to sing for so long - I literally couldn’t get my voice out. Caro`s training is gentle and persuasive (and fun), and every week I learn something new. Her professional ways help me physically move my body just a little, or mentally think of something, and hey presto- it’s astonishing how it changes the voice that comes out.

I’m still building confidence, but the result is that I just LOVE to sing now, because Its easier now that I know how to get my voice out. And I know it’s only going to get better!

It’s a real joy learning with Caro- discovering how my body works as an instrument, and how everything is connected. Since she found my singing voice I feel like I’m also finding my voice in other ways too ;)

 Ps I started lessons online in the lock-down and now I’m mixing it with some face-face lessons.  They’re equally brilliant. Whichever you choose, you’ll get so much out of it. I highly recommend Caro. Start with the free lesson like I did, and don’t miss the opportunity to find your own voice too.


Ana Lagier (retired initial education teacher)

With Caro I was able to do some conscious actions to improve my voice, without neglecting the expressive part. Feeling what the song says and also, something that I really liked, making use of my own creativity to make my own version of the song. Knowing the physical part of the vocal system and explaining in a practical way what is happening when we sing, she is creative when it comes to unraveling an ingrained vice by exalting the positive. For example, negotiate with what we commonly call chest voice and head voice to reach the notes that the song requires. She combines other disciplines (yoga) to address relaxation and enjoyment of the class in every way.

In conclusion, a COMPLETE teacher


(Translated from Spanish)

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Santiago Jiménez (ex waiter/youtuber)

I always dreamed of playing an instrument or singing, but I never dared to! I was ashamed. When I met Caro, I felt comfortable, I didn't think about it much and I started singing classes.

The result after a year is that today, I can sing the songs of my favorite artists and also transform my musical experience, not only listening to music, but also performing it! She taught me that my voice could become the instrument I was looking for to fulfill my dream.


(Traslated from Spanish)


Marcela McDonald (Obstetrician/Gynecologist)

I love, love, love and look forward to my YOGA lessons with Caro!  As a busy physician ( OB/GYN) with a thriving practice I wanted to get back into shape but my erratic schedule made it difficult to join a gym or class at traditional hours. I love taking private individualized YOGA classes via ZOOM with Caro!  This was a perfect way for me to gently ease into a new exercise routine.  Caro adjusts each lesson perfectly to address my needs of the week and my level of fitness. She is extremely thorough and energetic.  She is very motivational and inspires one to push oneself further.  I have experienced a new level of flexibility and strength since I started weekly YOGA lessons 4 months ago.  I am also much more relaxed and am able to incorporate stretching and breathing techniques at work for myself and my patients.  I recommend Caro highly for anyone, no matter your age or level of fitness, who is interested in finding a relaxing yet very effective form of exercise involving isometrics and mindfulness for a lifetime!

Thank you, Caro!

Check the Review on the singing workshop "Discovering your inner voice" held in Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2014/2015 By It´s really loud in here! Couldn´t be better described!

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