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Caro Spiller

I invite you to discover together through voice, movement and breathing, different ways to connect and express yourself!


"Singing with Caro is much more than working the vocal cords. Caro makes me see a lot of things and they all help to improve my voice. Both relaxation and breathing as well as yoga exercises.... With her open, cheerful and attentive personality, she makes me feel very comfortable. In two months I've already learned a lot! Thank you Caro! Nicole (Germany)


"Caro`s training is gentle and persuasive (and fun), and every week I learn something new.I just LOVE to sing now, because Its easier now that I know how to get my voice out.I feel like I’m also finding my voice in other ways too ;)” Aoibheann (Ireland)

“With Caro I was able to do some conscious actions to improve my voice, without neglecting the expressive part.

Knowing the physical part of the vocal system and explaining in a practical way what is happening when we sing, she is creative when it comes to unraveling an ingrained vice by exalting the positive” Ana (Argentina)


 “The result after a year is that today, I can sing the songs of my favorite artists and also transform my musical experience.” Santiago (España)

“Caro adjusts each lesson perfectly to address my needs of the week and my level of fitness. 

I have experienced a new level of flexibility and strength since I started weekly YOGA lessons 4 months ago.  I am also much more relaxed and am able to incorporate stretching and breathing techniques at work for myself and my patients.” Marcela (USA)

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