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Singing classes & workshops

Discovering  our  voice 

 The voice is a gift for connecting with ourselves and sharing artistic expression.

Do you want to connect with your voice, discover its possibilities and learn to use it in a functional way?

With breathing awareness and vocal development methods, we can expand the limits of our voice for greater range, projection, tuning, growth in expression and vocal health. Gain more confidence singing or speaking in public, or just enjoy discovering the endless world of our vibrating body.

“We sing as we think” (Eugene Rabine)

The functional voice method combines a theory of how our voice works and how we learn and should teach. Every person has a diferent story and relationship with their voice, body, thoughts and emotions. So the idea is to understand how the students are organizing their voice and offer other possibilities for them to choose.

Personally, I focus in having a healthy and comfortable voice. Then we work on the students technical needs and wishes,  integrating the emotions and finding the unique artistic personality of each singer.

What is a singing class like?

What is a singing class like?

The individual classes are 100% tailor-made, last about an hour and can be in person or online (you just need a decent Internet connection and a comfortable and quiet space in your home). The voice is not separated from the body, movement and body awareness will be present! Through simple melodies, observe how you use your voice, or how you could use it and train it. At the end, always singing a song of your choice, integrating what was trained before  and diving into your creative, expressive world!


How can a singing class help you?

The list is endless! But I think the most important thing is to make friends with your voice, understand how your instrument works, sing without getting tired and with your unique style. You can also improve and own your pitch, rhythm, volume, register extension and the colors of your voice. I can also help you with the interpretation of different styles, improvise with your voice, do harmonies and organize your repertoire for your profesional gigs. In short, to have different options and a wider palette of expressiveness. Feel freedom with your voice!

I believe that whoever can speak, can and should sing!

It is fun and has endless body,  mind and soul  health benefits!

I invite you to have a 30 minutes on line meeting to clear your  questions and confirm that we will be a good teacher-student team! 

My path with my voice

I was born in a musical family and I have sung since I can remember! When I was 9 years old  I was already singing professionally classical music at the children choir of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, being part of operas and big concerts with orquestras.

I can remember very clearly when I was 10 years old, and everybody asked me what I was going to be when I grew up.  I was walking in the nature by myself in a family  holiday in Patagonia, singing of course, and felt such joy... I decided that I wanted to be a singer for life and for a living.

Never the less, life is not always easy... I had  some unwanted air coming out with my  voice, a “hiatus” that made it difficult to reach my higher notes, made me tired of singing after a couple of songs, sometimes I would lose my voice and if not treated, it could get worse. My singing teacher at the moment spotted it and sent me to the logopedist... so boring for a little girl, but I  made it! Sadly it came back, on and off.. It was so frustrating! Until the day I was introduced to the functional singing method, by Laura Hatton, at the  SADEM music school, where I did the professional musician career specialized in singing.

 With lot of work and dedication I recovered the full power of my voice, being able to sing for hours, comfortably, reaching each note of my vocal range, just enjoying  the music so much. I was so happy that I started to learn more about the method, joining every workshop organized in Argentina, even with Mr Rabine in person and of course Renata Parrusel, whom I followed to Germany to study with in 2002. It was an amazing experience, living abroad for the first time, singing Jazz with a big band and Tango, of course! 

In 2004, When I was back in Argentina,  I  wanted to share what I learned and help people feel comfortable with their voices, I knew by my own experience that we can develop, transform and train our voices. We can learn to sing. So I started giving singing classes and  group workshops in different music schools and at my studio at home. I kept studing with  Rabine reference teachers like Andres Aciar and Jose Luis Sarre. Singing south american music, folk music from Argentina, jazz and rock , all a bit fusionated and with lots of improvisation, supported by different great musicians, some were even my teachers in the past. I was doing it! I was a professional singer and vocal coach with my own unique style.

In 2010, it was time to fullfil the dream of the teenager girl! Travel the world with a guitar playing music.

After wandering some years with my solo show and singing (and after also yoga) classes around Africa, India and South east Asia, I arrived to Mallorca, Spain, where I m based since 2015. Happily, still living my dream of performing music and  helping people to feel better with their voices. 

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