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Yoga classes

Listen to your body!

By practising asanas, pranayama and meditation, we get more flexible and stronger in our body and mind, release stress and create more space in our heart.

Private Hatha Yoga classes

 No more excuses!

Your schedule doesn't fit any yoga studio time table?  Do you need special attention?  Are you on vacation and want an exclusive tailor-made yoga retreat at your holiday home? 

I offer gentle or more challenging Hatha Yoga classes, depending on your level! 

Individual or group private classes can be arranged at your home or retreat, on line or in nature! Duration 75min/90min/120min

The practice of Asanas (poses) are meant to  activate and balance the energy in our bodies. Thats why I give special importance to the alignment and biomechanics to create a good space for the prana to flow and have a sustainable practice, free from injuries. Sometimes I like to use elements (blocks, cushions, belts, etc.), for the better understanding of the Asanas or to be able to stay longer in a comfortable and breathable way. Always with  respect for your body and soul! 



Do you feel like you have to slow down? Can´t you find the reset button for your mind? Or just need

more focus?

It´s all about the breath!

All asana classes  include some Pranayama/Meditation/Mantras.

The breath connects the body with the mind. We live as we breathe and we breathe as we live. We first become aware of our breathing, then we explore these ancient techniques that improve our life quality.

Meditation/ mindfulness,  be present in the present. By observing our  breath and body, we train our mind towards equanimity, lower the volume of the mental noise, explore the relationship between body and mind, share the best version of our selves and enjoy a loving world around us.

Mantra chanting As a singer I love this! Dont be shy, sing the “OM”. Enjoy your vibrations! Our  voice is a sound imprint  of ourselves.

Yoga is an inner journey of self development.

Sup Yoga

"Challenging and relaxing at the same time!" 

Improve your balance, be present with your breath and surrender to the water! Private classes can be arranged. Minimum 2 people.

Important Info for the Yoga classes!

  • Be ready for your practice 5 min before with at least 2h fast and appropriate comfortable clothes. 

  • If the class is on line, prepare a quiet place, elements (mat, belt, cushions, etc) and make sure you can move the camera to be seen on the floor or standing.

  • If the class is at your place, make sure there is enough ventilated and shade space for everybody! I´ll be there 15min before to organize the “studio”.

  • Inform your instructor if you have any injury or in case of women, if you are in your moon days. Yoga heals as long as we respect our present conditions!

  • The practice is on your own risk, never, ever do anything that doesn´t feels right! (and that probably applies to life!)

  • All classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate.

My path with Yoga


As a singer and vocal coach, I have  always been interested in diferent methods and techniques for the body, breath and mind and Wellbeing in general.

Due to my almost chronic back pain, In 2004 I started practising Iyengar Yoga by a recomendation of a dear singing teacher. And never stopped! The right guidance plus my daily practice help me to deal with my pains and aches in a much better way.


Then life took me to Rishikesh, India where I  met Surinder Singh in 2014. He was starting a hatha yoga teacher training, and I thought, why not? I wanted to learn more about these “exercises” that really helped me. Learning there, about philosophy and ayurveda and getting all the knowledge from the roots, was a life changing experience. 

Since I was there I also took many classes of Iyengar yoga with Usha Devi (direct disciple of Iyengar) 

In Daram sala I participated in 3 days of Dalai Lama teachings. That led me to do 2 courses of 10 days of vippasana meditation, one in 2016, Argentina,  and the other one in 2023, Spain.

In 2023, I made an on line certification on muscular chains and emotions with Fisiom yoga, and a Thai massage course at ITM school, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Practicing Yoga, pranayama and meditation, reading about buddhist philosophy, learning about conscious eating, made such a positive change in my lifestyle, that I wanted to share that with the world and help other people to feel better in a holistic way.


Since 2020 I am the yoga instructor at the Esplendido hotel in Port de Soller, combined with the private classes on and off line.


What I love most about giving  classes is when the students come with a stressed face, a  stiff spine or not breathing properly, and then they go with a calm smile, a flexible spine and deep and soft breath. Thats why I do what I do. That`s why I keep studying, learning and practicing how to be the best version of me, to bring joy to the people around me. In yoga we use our body to learn that we are not our body.  Would you like to start this fascinating self development path?

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