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Discovering  our  voice

Singing classes & workshops

We use our voice every day since we are born. However, it is a mystery to many, especially the singing voice, many times it seems like magic! Whether we sing or speak, we put our vital energy into vibration. This transforms us, the one who sings or speaks and the one who listens. It also helps us convey ideas and emotions. The voice is a tool for connecting with ourselves and sharing artistic expression.


Do you want to connect with your instrument, discover its possibilities and learn to use it in a functional way?

With breathing awareness and vocal development methods, we can expand the limits of our voice for greater range, projection, tuning, growth in expression and vocal health. Gain more confidence singing or speaking in public, or just enjoy discovering the endless world of our vibrating body.


But what is a singing class like?

The individual classes are 100% tailor-made, last about an hour and can be in person or online (you just need a decent Internet connection and a comfortable and quiet space in your home). The voice is not separated from the body, movement and body awareness will be present! Through simple melodies, observe how you use your voice, or how you could use and train it. At the end, always sing!

How can a singing class help you?

The list is endless! But I think the most important thing is to make friends with your voice, understand how your instrument works, sing without getting tired and with your unique style. You can also improve and own your pitch, rhythm, volume, register extension and the colors of your voice. I can also help you with the interpretation of different styles, improvise with your voice and do harmonies. In short, to have different options and a wider palette of expressiveness.

I believe that whoever can speak, can and should sing!I invite you to the first online class for free!!

Check the Review on the singing workshop "Discovering your inner voice" hold in Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2014/2015 By It´s really loud in here! Coudn´t be better described!

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