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Listen to your body!


By practising asanas, pranayama and meditation, we get more flexible and stronger in our body and mind, release stress and create more space in our heart.

Private Hatha Yoga classes


 No more excuses!

Your schedule doesn't fit any yoga studio time table? You don´t feel like practicing with more people? Do you need special attention? Do you follow recorded classes and don't know if you are doing it "well"? Or are you on vacation and want an exclusive tailor-made yoga retreat?


I offer gentle or more challenging Hatha Yoga classes, depending on your level! Sometimes I like to use elements (blocks, cushions, belts, etc.), for the  better understanding of the alignment of the Asanas or to be able to stay longer. Always with  respect for your body and soul!

Individual or group private classes can be arranged at your home, on line or in nature! Duration 75min/90min/120min

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 Do you feel like you have to slow down? Can´t you find the reset button for your mind?

It´s all about the breath!


The breath connects the body with the mind. We live as we breathe. So when you control your breathing, you control your life! We first become aware of our breathing, then we explore these ancient techniques that improve our lives.

Meditation or mindfulness, that space where we become observers, without judgment. A practice to consciously live our present.

 Mantra chantingAnother way to meditate, vibrating! I always felt that singing connects with something sacred. Sound organizes, calms and heals us. The chanting of Mantras is not like singing any song. You don't have to have a "nice" voice, but I can also help you to feel more confortable with that!

This classes are an inside journey! Duration 40min/60min

Kali Durga (Frag)

Sup Yoga

"Challenging and relaxing at the same time!" 

Improve your balance, be present with your breath and surrender to the water!! 

Private classes can be arranged. Minimum 2 people.

Important Info for the Yoga classes!

*Be ready for your practice 5 min before with at least 2h fast and appropriate comfortable clothes. 

*If the class is on line, prepare a quite place, elements (mat, belt, cushions, etc) and make sure you can move the camera to be seen on the floor or standing.

*If the class is at your place, make sure there is enough ventilated and shade space for everybody! I´ll be there 20min before to organize the “studio”.

*Inform your instructor if you have any injury or in case of women, if you are in your moon days. Yoga heals as long as we respect our present conditions!

*The practice is on your own risk, never, ever do anything that doesn´t feels right! (and that probably applies to life!)

*All classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate.

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